Windows 8

Windows 8
In a few days Microsoft will be launching Windows 8. Here’s what you need to know about Windows 8 and your AccountEdge software.

Most importantly, we’ve identified an issue in Windows 8 that Microsoft has recognized and will be addressing but not until their first update, which is rumored to be released within the next couple weeks. Unfortunately, the issue will prevent some versions of AccountEdge from launching.

US versions
If you are in the U.S. and using AccountEdge Pro 2012 r16.1.8 or later, you are okay and should not experience any issues. If you are using an earlier version of AccountEdge, however, we advise you to delay upgrading to Windows 8 until Microsoft releases their first hot fix update.

Canadian versions
If you are using the Canadian version of AccountEdge, we advise you to delay upgrading to Windows 8 until Microsoft releases their first hot fix update.
We don’t expect to release an update to the 2012 version of AccountEdge Pro until the end of the year, unless Microsoft doesn’t release the fix that we’ve already tested.

All of this could be a moot point if Microsoft has incorporated this fix in the commercial version (not the version that was shipped to hardware providers some time ago). In that case, no update would be required.

Windows 8 Support
We only test new Operating Systems with current shipping versions of AccountEdge. So what does this mean? Going forward, if we should need to update AccountEdge because of Windows 8, we’ll do that in the current version only. While we don’t fully test older versions, however, we typically perform a quick check so that we can identify and share what works and what doesn’t. At this point, we’ve only identified the one, aforementioned, issue.

Of course, you can always upgrade to the latest, Windows 8-compatible release, but that choice is up to you..

We’ll continue to post updates to our system requirements page and Windows 8 Compatibility FAQ which you can find here.


AccountEdge 2011 for Canada Released

This week Acclivity released the 2011 version of AccountEdge for Windows and Mac. You can check out the new features here: Mac and Windows.

The highlights include progress billing, improved graphics and PDF handling on custom forms, integration with TimeTracker (web based activity slip/timesheet creation), and integration with the free AccountEdge Mobile companion app.

AccountEdge Mobile, which runs on iOS devices, should be available soon, pending Apple approval.



Introducing AccountEdge Basic

We’re proud to announce the release of AccountEdge Basic, the little sister of AccountEdge. With a focus on sales and banking, the heart of most small small-businesses, AccountEdge Basic is the best place to start for Mac savvy entrepreneurs in the USA looking to get off on the right foot with their billing and bookkeeping. If you want to sell services or items, produce quotes, orders or invoices, sell online with a hosted web store, or accept credit cards, AccountEdge Basic is for you.

Have an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad? AccountEdge Basic also syncs to AccountEdge Mobile to take your biz on the road with you. Forgot to mention that AccountEdge Mobile is FREE.

When you’re ready to add payroll, full inventory management, purchases, time billing and multi user, you can always move up to AccountEdge. It’s simple. Download the Pro version of AccountEdge and open your Basic company file. That’s it.

This new app replaces FirstEdge and FirstEdge users will be happy to hear that their files are easily upgradeable too.

For a quick overview of AccountEdge Basic, check out this short video.



Progress Billing

AccountEdge 2011 introduces support for Progress Billing. Think of progress billing as a way to create a quote and billing it out in phases or over time. For example a construction project where we’ll invoice out 10% now, 50% half way and 40% upon completion. We allow for different ways to break it down (percent, quantity, dollar amounts…). Check out the video for a quick overview.



Top Secret

Don’t tell anyone I showed you this.



AccountEdge 2010 reviewed in CPA Tech Advisor

The CPA Technology Advisor recently published their review of small business accounting systems, and AccountEdge 2010 received 4 1/2 stars. My favorite quote:

AccountEdge appears to be a simple program under initial examination, but most would be amazed at the scope of features and functionality found in this product. AccountEdge is an excellent choice for the small but growing business, as additional licenses can be added when needed. AccountEdge 2010 requires very little up-front investment, and will pay for itself immediately.

Check out the full review here.



Adding report fields to help with commission calculation

Many customers use the Customer Payments by Salesperson report to calculate commissions. Via the Send Feedback feature in the AccountEdge Help menu, we were told that to help make figuring out what to pay commissions on easier, we needed to add Invoice # and Date as optional fields. So that’s what we did.



Control N and Company FIle Location Link

In AccountEdge for Windows 2010, we added key commands for Control N that are location specific. For example, Cntl N while in the Sales Command Center brings up a new invoice. If you’re in the Card File, it will create a new contact. We’ve also added a clickable link in the Company Data File Auditor that will take you to the location of your company file.


Action Menu and Google Maps

In AccountEdge 2010 for Windows we added a new Actions button in the Card List as well as on a contact record. This new button provides a quick way to perform certain tasks on a selected contact, including tasks like Create Sale or Get Directions. One of my favorites is the ability to quickly look at the Sales Register filtered by a selected customer.



AccountEdge. Pass it on.

So maybe you love AcccountEdge and how it makes running your business a breeze. Go ahead, don’t be shy. Tell your friends about us. If someone takes your advice and purchases AccountEdge, we’ll give you $100.

Sounds to good to be true? No way. Here’s how to do it.

Step 1. Tell a friend about AccountEdge.

Step 2. Submit this form so we can send them some information and a special offer (we also need to know who to send the money to).

Step 3. They buy it.

Step 4. In 4-6 weeks, we send you a check for one hundred bucks.

Step 5. Repeat.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy.