AccountEdge 2012 comes to Canada

We’re excited to announce the launch 2012 into Canada, which includes all the features introduced in the US 2012 version earlier in the year, plus a few more. You can read all the details here, but the highlights include:
  • New Command Center-AccountEdge’s command center has been redesigned with an emphasis on usability and modernity
  • New Side Bar-The Side Bar lets you get to recently visited places in AccountEdge. 
  • New Welcome Window-The welcome window that opens when you launch AccountEdge has been redesigned with new features added for ease of use. 
  • Multiple Billing Rates-Create a matrix of billing rates, by activity, employee, and customer, so that you can charge different rates for the same activity. 
  • Mileage Log-Whether you depreciate your vehicle, reimburse for mileage, or bill your clients for miles driven, you can use AccountEdge to track your mileage. 
  • Manage Retainers-Set up and manage retainers in AccountEdge, keep a minimum retainer balance, and add expenses to a retainer to pay bills on behalf of clients.
And kudos to our web team for the Canadian site’s new look and feel. We especially like the Acclivity Core Values, Three-card Monte style.