Looking for approval

AccountEdge Mobile (AEM) is finally out of our hands and into Apple’s. Into the App Store Approval process, to be specific. Fingers crossed. Thanks to the hard work and effort of many, many people, we’re excited and thrilled to have reached this milestone. As this is our first foray into the iOS world, we’re not entirely sure what happens next. We’ve heard the approval process typically takes about a week, but that it’s currently running at about two weeks. We know we’ve done all we can to play by all of Apple’s rules and guidelines and that the app has passed all of our internal testing. Sure, there are the annoying issues we’ll fix in future updates (which will probably be numerous in the first couple months), but it works and it’s awesome.

One note: we made the decision to initially release an iPad-only version. The iPhone version is almost-but-not-quite there. We’re hopeful to have AEM iPhone-compatible in the next couple weeks.

I read a blog post recently about first versions that said, “if you’re not embarrassed when you ship your first version you waited too long.” Interesting mindset – and one that’s antithetical to our historic development approach – given the regimented nature of how we’ve traditionally done things with our mature products. The good news is that we are definitely not embarrassed by AEM. Truth is, we could have continued to perfect it for months, but it was time to let go. And we’re already discussing what comes next. Our grand plans: printing, credit card processing, maybe even a stand-alone version? But we’re equally excited to hear what your grand plans for AEM might be. But first, approval.

You’ll be the first (or possibly second) to know what/when we hear back from Apple.