Adding, Removing and Updating Credit Card Numbers

If you process credit cards through AccountEdge, you might be interested in an enhancement that was introduced in update r16.1.4 of AccountEdge Pro 2012.

Executive Summary
You will now be able to capture a customer’s credit card details for future use without having to process a sale. Check out the video above to see how this works.

The Long Version
Previous to this update, when processing credit card payments through AccountEdge, you had the ability to save a card’s details for future use. To be accurate, the software doesn’t actually store credit card numbers but instead asks ACH Direct’s PCI Compliant Payments Gateway to store the card and return a payment ID. This ID represents the card so that if you need to process another sale with this card, we simply tell ACH Direct’s gateway to charge a particular Payment ID for a given amount. This helps you stay PCI Compliant.

As a matter of fact, when you’re entering in a credit card number or swiping a card, you’re actually doing so on an ACH Direct hosted payment form. It’s being entered directly into their PCI compliant servers.

A problem that some of our customers were running into was that it was great to be able to check that box to tell AccountEdge to store this card for future use during a sale, but what about when that card expires or when you are receiving a card number in advance of a sale? There wasn’t a method to enter in a card without actually processing a payment.

In this update we now give you the ability to go to the Payment Details tab on a customer record in the Card File and remove the Payment Method (essentially removing the Payment ID from AccountEdge) as well as adding a new payment method (a new credit card). In this case a new ACH Direct payment form is displayed to enter in a credit card number and we’ll store the Payment ID for use in the future. Unfortunately, you can’t swipe a card for future use. That’s a no no in the PCI world.

This could be useful if you, for example, sell maintenance plans where a plan might not start until next month but you want to collect the credit card number ahead of time. Another example of its usefulness is when a credit card expires or the customer simply wants to change up the card. You can now easily replace what’s there with a new card at any point.

Check out this short video to see how this works and if you’re on an older version of AccountEdge, this might be a good reason to upgrade (shameless plug).