Your accountant calls….

Your accountant calls for the ‘usual reports’, and your bookkeeper is on vacation in Disney World. Fear not, we are here to help.

Your accountant is just looking for enough data to make sure you are on the right path, so there will be no surprises come year-end and tax time. You can ask her specifically what reports she wants, then use AccountEdge’s Batch Reports feature to set them up to run when needed — issue solved going forward.

But for now, it is likely she wants a Balance Sheet report, customized with a specific date, and a Profit and Loss report for whatever date range she needs, showing the net income or loss for that period. These two reports tie-together with the Current Year Earnings account, and when you close your fiscal year, the income or loss is added or subtracted to the Retained Earnings account, hence the names.

Related reports include: aged receivables and payables reports, which correspond to the linked A/R and A/P accounts; an inventory detail report showing the quantity and value of your stock, which agrees with the inventory asset account; and a detailed Trial Balance report for accounts she indicates.

You’re on the right path if you can produce these reports knowing they are up-to-date and accurate. Don’t be afraid to ask your accountant for feedback on these reports. If your accountant tends to make monthly, quarterly, or annual adjustments based on these reports, be sure to record those adjustments as Journal Entries in your AccountEdge company file. If you need to record adjustments or depreciation on a regular basis, setup recurring Journal Entries to record the entries. Then your reports will reflect reality at year-end.

Additional information relating to Accountant, Account and Banking reports is available in our FAQs.

So, when your bookkeeper returns from the Magic Kingdom, you can show off some AccountEdge magic of your own.


AccountEdge Pro r17.3.2 (Canadian Update)

We just released AccountEdge Pro 17.3.2 for Canada. It addresses over 20 defects in the Canadian version of AccountEdge Pro 2013 for Mac and Windows.
You can check the release notes to see the list of fixes.

We Offer Free Email Support

In 2011 we made the decision to offer free email support to all of our customers. It’s one of the important ways AccountEdge differs from other accounting software on the market.  We understand that our telephone support plan may be the best solution for many, especially for time-sensitive questions. But be assured that even if you are not on a paid plan, we are here to help.  Although it can get tricky if you’re on a really old version, no promises for those still on AccountEdge 2002 (please consider an upgrade).

Frequently other companies that also offer free email support utilize auto-generated emails that includes links to FAQs that may or may not answer your question. The tone and message come across as robotic and impersonal, because it is. If you’ve ever received a response like this you know it’s not very satisfying or particularly helpful.

When we created our free email support we were determined to do better than that. All of our responses are personalized to answer your specific question. You’ll  know there’s a person who read your email and cares about solving your problem.  We do our best to respond within 24 to 48 hours (1-2 business days) and we usually do much better. 

The next time you have a question, why don’t you try sending us an email. Here’s the link to our support site where you can find the form:

Of course, the Telephone Support Program is available if you want to resolve your questions real-time.  This service includes the ability to share screens, so when you talk with one of our New Jersey-based, trained staff members, you both see the same thing.


Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks Coming Soon

Apple has released a gold master of the next operating system called Mavericks. This typically means that it will be released to the public shortly and rumors point to October 15th.

As Acclivity continues to test AccountEdge against this new operating system there are a few things to keep in mind.

AccountEdge Pro 2013 will be tested against this new operating system and will be our official 10.9 supported version. Although we will test compatibility against AccountEdge versions 2010-2012, products older than v2013 will not be officially supported or updated for 10.9.

We will be posting a compatibility statement on Mac OS X 10.9 in the upcoming weeks to let you know of any known issues. Currently we are aware that Apple has removed Sync Services support which AccountEdge uses to sync with Apple’s Contacts app (aka Address Book). Address Book sync will no longer be supported in AccountEdge with Mac OS X 10.9.

We suggest that if you are planning on upgrading to the new operating system, to be sure you’re on the latest version of AccountEdge and, of course, back up your accounting files.


Using Dropbox for Backup

You probably already know that AccountEdge uses Dropbox for syncing with AccountEdge Mobile, Rerun and Time Tracker. But you can also use Dropbox to store zipped, backup archives of your company file. Because a backup file isn’t something that you would need to access on a regular basis, “storing” it on Dropbox for easy access makes sense.  

You can also use Drobbox to keep folder(s) synced with other devices and computers. So if you save a file or a backup there, it will then be synced to your home computer or be available to a mobile device. In this case we describe Dropbox as working like a “suitcase.” 

For several reasons we do not recommend permanently storing your regular company file on Dropbox.  The first is syncing: when you save your data, it may or may not be synced with the Dropbox file, depending on whether or not you are connected to the network. If you have access to the Dropbox file from a different machine that is connected to the network, changes made from that machine will be synced before your original updates. And, when the first machine is connected to the network, Dropbox will detect the files are out of sync, but neither Dropbox nor the Tech Support team at AccountEdge will be able to offer help to resolve the out of sync status. So a “missing data” situation could occur. Also if you are working with multiple users, some of whom are offsite, hosting your shared file via Dropbox is not a good idea.


3rd Annual Acclivity Picnic

Ah…the time honored tradition of the company picnic. These words alone conjure up images of Kevin (Fred Savage) and the rest of the Arnolds attending the NORCOM family picnic in that great The Wonder Years episode.

Last Friday we held the 3rd Annual Acclivity Picnic at Hedden Park in Randolph, NJ. And while it wasn’t exactly the same as The Wonder Years (thankfully), we did have the usual fare of hockey puck hamburgers, mystery casserole and rubbery chicken on the menu. Just kidding, the food was awesome and many thanks to James and Team for organizing the event

It was a great day. Staff and family, kids and dogs, everyone had fun. Scavenger hunt. Kids battling adults for control of the juke box, Taylor Swift vs. Def Leppard. And best of all, a Photo Booth.  Take a look at some of the pictures and you’ll know what we’re talking about.






Sending Feedback

Any time we send an email to our customers we get some great feedback. What’s odd is that often some of the best feedback has nothing to do with the content of the email. Take, for example, our first newsletter. The first few emails we received talked exclusively about wanting specific features in AccountEdge (OK, one long time user called it “MYOB”, can we retire that? Ever??). But the feedback was very insightful, and we’re glad the newsletter gave these folks the opportunity to reach out to us.

Another email we received was from “Dawn in Wisconsin” (I always wanted to say that, so Letterman-esque) and she writes that she’s “been using AccountEdge for 10 years and there are some things I would like to learn that I am not using”. She wanted more details on the Cash Flow Worksheet, using Custom Fields, and Serialized Inventory. All great topics we will certainly try to cover in upcoming issues. Thank you Dawn!

Other emails thanked us for providing this great new tool. We realize not all topics will be relevant to you every month, but eventually, we think, something will hit home and help you in some small but significant way.

So what is really the best way to “Send Feedback” and request features or enhancements? The best way is to access the “Send Feedback" web form from the link conveniently located under the "Help" menu in AccountEdge. The form asks what version of AccountEdge you are using and for your help in classifying the feedback you want to provide. And there is space for a detailed description. From there we can categorize your feedback and collate and search it more effectively.

Now, you may say you sent Feedback 10 years ago and never received a reply and your feature never made into the product. That’s a different story. First, on the form, we specifically ask you to check a box acknowledging that you will not be contacted. I know, it’s not really warm and fuzzy - but folks were expecting a call to discuss every bit of feedback they sent and if we didn’t act on ‘their’ request in the next release “then we were just weren’t listening”. But we do listen, we comb through the list of features based on the forms you send in and we read the comments (yes, all of them), and we try to determine what we can do to make AccountEdge better not only for existing users but also for prospective users. Even our own favorite features go through this same arduous process.

After more than 20 years in business, we sometimes think we’ve heard everything. But every once in a while, a real gem comes in from a customer and makes us all say “why didn’t we think of that?”. While the Send Feedback form is the best way to reach us regarding product related requests, our eyes and ears and email boxes are always open.

Finally, we will include the link to Send Feedback in all of our newsletters going forward, so you have another way to ping us if something product specific is on your mind.


AccountEdge Mobile 2.30 Release

The release of AccountEdge Mobile 2.30 brings all of the great features from the last release of AccountEdge Mobile to our Canadian customers. These include:

-Process credit cards (with an AccountEdge Merchant Account)
-Quick Sale
-View Open Receivables
-Accept Payment on open Receivables
-Custom Transaction Settings for Payments

Using these new AccountEdge Mobile features requires having the most current version of Accountedge Pro (version 13) installed. In Canada AccountEdge Mobile can be downloaded for free from the iTunes App Store. For all the details on the latest release for Canada you can visit our website

AccountEdge Mobile 2.30 also features enhancements to the US version. You can now select “check” as a payment option in Quick Sale and custom transaction settings for Payments were added. Also there were bug fixes for both the US and UK version.


AccountEdge Canada Release

We’re happy to announce the new release of AccountEdge Pro Canada for Mac and Windows. This is a milestone of sorts. It marks the fifth version of AccountEdge in Canada since the Acclivity re-boot in 2009, making this our “wood” anniversary. We’re not sure what the appropriate gift for a wood anniversary is, but here in Rockaway we celebrated with cake, champagne and an employee raffle for two tickets to a Devils/Canadiens game in December (congratulations Cathryn). You’ll find many great new features in AccountEdge, including some specific for the Canadian market.

  • Direct Deposit & Vendor Payments-Pay employees and vendors electronically through direct deposit and electronic funds transfer.
  • Change Orders-Track changes made to quantities, price, discounts, description, and new lines added on quotes and orders.
  • Retainers, Escrow, & Trust Accounts-Now manage Retainers, Escrows & Trusts and link them directly to any bank account, use those funds to pay bills and get paid easier than ever before.
  • Document Management-Attach or link documents to transactions and customer records. Scan bills, invoices, contracts, and receipts for sales and purchases or add employment forms to employee cards.
  • Get Statement Enhancements-Create rules to help you match imported transaction for faster reconciliation.
  • Batch Delete-Select multiple cards or items and delete them simultaneously.
  • TD-1 Net Claim Amounts
  • Printing of T4s After the Start of a New Payroll Year
As always, AccountEdge is compliant with Canadian sales taxes and payroll requirements: GST, QST, PST, HST, T4s, RL-1s. For details of all the new features you can visit us at the Canadian AccountEdge website.

New AccountEdge Start Here Article

Len Levin, an Accountedge Elite Certified Consultant from Massachusetts who is well-versed in networking, has written an article for us giving some tips and tricks on getting the most out of multi user AccountEdge, whether you’re on Mac or Windows.

You can read Len’s article on the Start Here section of