AccountEdge Pro 18.0.8 US Update

We just released the AccountEdge Pro 18.0.8 update for the US. There are a number of feature enhancements and issues that have been resolved.

  • Addressed an issue when linking to a Shopify store - Browser Not Supported error (Mac Only)
  • AccountEdge uses a new signature for support of Gatekeeper changes coming in Mac OS X 10.9.5 and Yosemite 10.10.
  • Addressed some Log In issues after upgrading a file
  • Fixed an issue syncing items to Shopify with “char” in the description.
  • Fixed a crash when syncing items from Shopify that contain a long property name.
  • Added some missing fields to inventory reports (i.e. Item type and properties).
  • Fixed an issue when more than one address is added to an email when using Mac Mail.
  • Addressed several other minor issues.

AccountEdge Canada Release

We’re excited to announce the release of AccountEdge Pro 2014 for Canada (Mac & Windows).  It’s a little later then we usually release our annual update but our Developers have been coding tirelessly to get in as much as possible. We think you’re going to like the new features.

  • Sync AccountEdge with Shopify to create a beautiful, online shopping experience.  You can learn all about it here.
  • Major enhancements to AccountEdge Cloud.
  • Departmental accounting is here. If you’ve been using Jobs or Categories to assign transactions to departments, now you can have true departmental tracking on a line-item basis.
  • Combine duplicate or similar items into one.
  • AccountEdge 2014 adds product variations to an already robust inventory feature set.
  • Filter your Job Reports to span the previous, current, or next fiscal year. An amount can be allocated to multiple Jobs on a transaction, making it easier to spread income and expenses over multiple Jobs from a single line of a transaction.
  • Create a Credit Memo from a Sales in one step Invoice using the new Create Credit Memo button.
  • For a complete list of “What’s New”, please visit our website.

AccountEdge Cloud Update

Our developers have been busy the last several months and today we’re announcing a significant update to AccountEdge Cloud.  For now it’s only for the US, but our Canadian customers can look for this in July.  Below is a partial list of what’s new.

  • Price Levels and Quantity Price Breaks-The full price matrix from AccountEdge is now synced to AccountEdge Cloud for use on invoices. Customer price levels and custom quantity price breaks (for items) are also utilized.
  • Customer Terms-Customer sales terms are now used on sales created in AccountEdge Cloud and can be overwritten using a variety of different terms types.
  • Expandable Sales Lines-When entering a description on a sale, the field will expand to display all of the contents of the description without needing to scroll or drill into the line on the sale.
  • Refresh Lists-Users now have the ability to easily refresh the Customer and Jobs lists with the latest data on Dropbox using a new Refresh List button without having to go to the Sync window.
  • Drilling into Sales From Sync List-While on the Sync List, you can open and view the sales details by clicking on the sale and sync it from sales view itself.
  • Employee Last Name-Addressed an issue where Activity Slips could be saved with an incorrect employee last name.
  • Time Billing Invoice Description Fields-The time billing invoice description field now expands to make it easier to enter and edit a longer description.
  • iPad Layout Updated-AccountEdge Cloud has been optimized further for use on Safari on an iPad. Formatting has been improved.
  • Starting on the Select Customer Field-When creating a new sale, the Select Customer field is the active field making it easy to immediately start typing to select your customer.
  • Adjusted Address Fields on PDFs-The customers address lines will now wrap if they are longer than the space provided.
  • Debit Card Payment Type-When using a payment type of Debit Card, you can now enter the Name on Card, Last 4 Digits of the Card and Exp. Date.
  • Time Billing Sale Date-Today’s date will now be pre-filled when adding a line on a time billing sale.
  • Accented Characters-Addressed an issue where certain accented letters were not supported and not synced to AccountEdge.

AccountEdge and Shopify-Together At Last

Integrating AccountEdge with Shopify is finally here - and we couldn’t be more proud. Not only is it one of the tightest integrations we’ve ever done, but it gives our customers access to the leading e-commerce solution available today.

AccountEdge 2014 customers can use the AccountEdge Shopify Connector to easily sync their Shopify store. You maintain inventory items and all details like item images, product descriptions, and selling prices within AccountEdge and then sync inventory to Shopify with a click of a button. You will also be able to sync orders placed online through Shopify to AccountEdge, removing the need for manual re-entry of sales data. From within Shopify you can customize the look and feel of your online store with one of 100+ themes available. AccountEdge will sync item variations, tax codes, gift cards, discounts, partial and full payments, voided and cancelled transactions, new customers and items.

To get started all you need is a Shopify store and the $10/month AccountEdge Shopify Connector.  

We’ve also added a few videos to the AccountEdge YouTube Channel to show you how to set this up.


Helping You Sell

This month’s issue of AccountEdge Tips and Tricks will focus on a few topics sure to help you sell better.  Get the latest newsletter here.   
We’ll focus on a new feature that has been long requested - Credit Memos.  Now it is easier than ever to record these tricky transactions and AccountEdge makes it even easier with a mid year update coming next week.  If you’ve ever wanted to customize your sales forms (or any form for that matter) a 10-minute forms customization tour will be just what you needed.  Whether its a sales form, a deposit slip, or a check, this article and link will help you get more from your printed (and emailed) forms.  In addition, we’ll explain invoice layouts and why you might want to use more than one and what the different sales and purchases layouts mean to you.  Lastly, we’ll explain how to setup and use margins and markups to customize your pricing strategy and setup your item prices. 
All of these great features are meant to help you sell.  Stay tuned - there is more coming…

AccountEdge Cloud Update

We’re happy to announce that we just released our first significant update to AccountEdge Cloud.  It includes many of the features that you’ve been asking for and be assured that there are many more enhancements to come.  

New functionality includes:

  • Newly designed Sales Invoice PDFs.
  • Searching is enhanced in all “Select from Lists”.  (eg. Searching on “Smith” will return Mary Smith, Smith Electronics, etc.)
  • You can now quickly add a customer while creating a New Sale.
  • PDF forms are now specific for Invoices, Quotes or Orders.
  • Emailing of Sales PDF’s gives you the ability to choose an email address, add cc: emails, change the message and subject lines.
  • Add an email address to a customer record while emailing a Sale.
  • Add a percentage discount to a line on an Item Sale.
  • Foreign customer records will now be available in the Customer List (requires an update to AccountEdge Pro coming shortly).
  • Support for customers using the UK version of AccountEdge.
  • A customers default income account from AccountEdge will now be used on Service Sales.
  • Partial quantities are now supported on Item Sales.
  • Many interface changes and redesigns across all platforms including iOS 7.
  • Many other enhancements and defects have been addressed.

Start a New Year, Right

For many customers, this is the time of year when you need to send your ‘books’ to your accountant. The books these days are electronic company data files that your accountant can audit because you can arrange for a Free Accountant Copy of AccountEdge for your accountant. You can also generate year-end reports and send those to your accountant.

Once end-of-year accounting entries are made to your file, either by you or your accountant, you can create a backup of the company file, and start a new fiscal year.

In addition to having a company file in the current fiscal year, some customers like to keep a copy of the prior fiscal year file. If you do this, be sure to set the prior fiscal year file to read-only, to prevent entry of unwanted transactions.

Many customers also purge old data from the current company file. Purging is the process of removing transactions dated prior to a date you specify. Purging makes a company file leaner, resulting in better performance when entering future transactions, and may allow you to remove old customer, vendor and employee card file entries. You can also remove disused items from inventory, as long as there are no quantity and values for the items.


AccountEdge - Critical Update

We’ve identified an issue for customers who have upgraded to the 2014 version of AccountEdge Pro and have set up custom Employer Payroll Expenses.

In response, we have just released payroll updates for both the 2013 and 2014 versions. This includes changes for MA, VT, OK, ND. The 2014 update includes several defects that have been addressed including an issue with the upgrade program which was clearing out any Expense Limit rates set up within a user defined employer expense.

Customers who have upgraded to AccountEdge 2014
Customers who have upgraded from 2013 to 2014 and who have Employer Expenses with an Expense Limit set to the “Equals x% Percent of” option selected, will need to re-enter this Expense Limit percent.

Although this issue will not affect employee paychecks, you will want to confirm and correct the Expense Limit if one is used. In the screenshot below you can see that the expense limit was reset to 0%. Installing the latest update will not restore this expense limit rate. You will need to re-enter this rate.

Customers who have not yet upgraded to AccountEdge 2014
If you have not yet upgraded to version 2014, be sure that you perform a Check for Updates after installing the new version to ensure that you have the latest release r18.0.3, which resolves this issue for those who have not yet upgraded their company file.

We apologize for the inconvenience.
The AccountEdge Team


AccountEdge Mobile 2.4 - Now Live

Over the past several months we’ve been working hard on an update to AccountEdge Mobile to address an issue that has affected a very small number of users, but in a big way. These users have reported having issues trying to sync large lists - by this we mean customer, vendor, or item lists in the thousands.  Some have ‘smaller’ lists, just over 1,000 customers or items, but they were using older iOS devices, and some have 20,000 customers and are using the latest iOS devices available.  

Either way, we’re happy to report that AEM 2.4 is now available and it will help all of these customers to sync their lists.  We’ve completely rewritten the code used to sync and we’re thrilled with the results we’ve seen with the data sets we have in house and those submitted by our intrepid end users. While it will still take some time (and we recommend making sure your device does not go to sleep), depending on the list size and device speed, we’ve seen some amazing results; One data set with 19k customers and 10k items (which could not sync previously) was synced on an iPad 3rd generation in 12 minutes and in only 3 minutes on an iPhone 5S. 


Introducing AccountEdge 2014

If there was a theme for this year’s release, it would be: “helping those who want to spend hundreds, not thousands”. We focused on a few larger features not typically found in small business accounting software, but rather in much higher end apps or services where you would typically spend thousands of dollars. Our goal was to keep existing customers from having to look at these higher end solutions (and pay a ton of money unnecessarily) and satisfy prospects who similarly would prefer “to spend hundreds, not thousands”. With new features like Departments and Variations we believe we will continue to help our customers by growing with them. We also believe we will attract new customers by meeting their needs today and keep some money in their pocket.  For more information on AccountEdge 2014, visit us online.  To request a Free Accountant Copy for your CPA in public practice, request one here.